February 1st 2017
Whanganui holiday park – Whanganui 
5.1 miles 
Total distance: 928.9 miles

I was very grateful about our decision to change our bus ticket when I woke up, so I could go straight back to sleep for a while. My hands are so sore today, definitely swollen, and the cut Emily gave me looked and felt infected. I keep getting stuff oozing out of it. Gross. It also is impossible to bend my finger. Although we had very little to do today we still seemed to end up being in a rush. We had to get everything done before our first movie showing at 12:15pm. So we did our laundry, showered and then it was time to walk into town.

The holiday park is about 5 miles out of town and we hadn’t done those miles yet so we put our very badly packed backpacks back on and our stinky shoes with holes in, which felt very odd after not wearing shoes for nearly a week.

The walk was straightforward, just straight down the road into town. Dave, Kristen and Erin walked with us and we stopped at a backpackers hostel that we had booked so we are closer to where we need to get the bus tomorrow morning. Everyone else came to the hostel too and we managed to get a group deal for NZ$25 per person. Erin, Julia and I grabbed some things and took off for the cinema and just made it in time.

We got our snacks and went in for our first movie of the day, Lion. We were wondering about looking for a good place to sit and we heard some people talking to us, it was Tony and Diane, the people who rescued us from the rain the last time we were in Whanganui! The film was great, I knew absolutely nothing about it other than the title so it was a nice surprise. The whole cinema were in floods of tears at the end. We caught up with our friends and had a terrible picture taken after we had just all been crying!

We went off on our separate ways and I went for a wonder around the town. I gravitated to all the thrift stores and bought a book for Julia for 20 cents, then I made my way to McDonald’s with the intention of getting a milkshake and updating the blog for half and hour. It all went a bit wrong when I pushed too many buttons on the order screen and ended up with a double cheeseburger and fries as well! I don’t even like McDonald’s!!

I didn’t get any blog updates done and all too soon it was time to go back to the cinema to see our second showing of the day, Hidden Figures. This was a much more uplifting film, also very good, and we were pleased to see it at the end of the day! Sarah came to see it with us and when we came out we had a message from Trevor to say he was going to eat at the Thai place we were at last night, as it was only over the road we all joined him along with Erin, Vicky and Marj. I got swept up in the starter ordering even though I wasn’t really that hungry and ordered way too much food that I finished every morsel of.

We lounged about back at the hostel feeling uncomfortable and like I’m about to burst out of my skin. I’m so full!


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