February 16th 2017
Davies bay campsite – Havelock
13.1 miles 
Total distance: 1126.2 miles

There was a considerable amount of rustling around the tent from various creatures. They could have been birds or possums or rabbits or something else. I just tried to ignore whatever it was and hope for the best. In the morning our tents were covered in condensation as we had camped so close to the water.

We only had a short distance to go before we finished the Queen Charlotte Track and came out onto a road. We arrived at an outward bound centre and they had this great quote from the founder in the toilet.

After that it was a road walk with a small dirt path alongside the road to walk on so it was an easy walk. We entertained ourselves and before we knew it we were at a small service station buying very expensive ice cream and coffee. We met a cycle tourist there who was only going to travel around for 6 weeks but has decided to stay for 3 months as he loved it so much. We have seen a lot of cycle tourists since we have been here and I swing from thinking it looks great to thinking it looks like a hassle.

We carried on and walked on a track high above the road with great views over the bay and across to Havelock. We got dive bombed by the Cicadas which really hurt when they fly into your face! We enquired at the Blue Moon Hostel about camping but they said there was no camping there and the dorm beds were NZ$37 for the night which by far the most we have been quoted all trip. So we went down to the holiday park and they offer TA hiker a place to camp for NZ$15, with the usual use of the facilities.

We had a plan that involved hitching to Blenheim to resupply if the 4 square supermarket in Havelock was lacking in choice or far too expensive. But after a little look round we decided it would be ok, things were more expensive and choice was limited but it would do. Resupplying is easier when you aren’t hungry so we went to get food in the Green Oyster Capital Of The World. At the Mussel Pot, Julia got mussels and I got fish and chips because mussels are gross. And these ones were massive, like 10 times as big as ones you get at home.

Then it was off to the supermarket to resupply. 8 days of food, our biggest carry so far. I spent an outrageous amount of money, almost double what Julia spent, but I didn’t think there was any point in buying the cheap options of things because I wouldn’t want to eat them. Broken down it works out at around NZ$11 per day for food which isn’t that bad I guess. But it’s going to be so heavy! We bought some pasta for dinner and went back to the holiday park.

Colin and Sandy had arrived and so had a Danish man called Lars and a French man called Amaury. After a shower (no soap, so more of a rinse) we put our laundry in and I lay in my tent for a while to catch up on the blog. It’s much easier to do if I’m not distracted. We had dinner and got to know our new friends a little better.


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