March 14th 2017
0 miles 
Total distance: 1454.3 miles

I chose to sleep inside again because I was too lazy to pitch my tent. I slept so well, the sofa is exactly my size and I don’t think I moved a muscle all night.

It was Rory’s birthday today, he had to work for a few hours so while he was out we went to the supermarket to buy beers and stuff to make a cake as a surprise for him. He had already said if we were still here he would make food for everyone. A lot of my decision to stay today was based on sticking with the little French Canadians, who I’ve grown rather fond of, but some of my decision was because I was rather enjoying Rory’s company and I thought it would be nice for him to have some companions for his birthday.

I got a message from Sian and Colin, they hadn’t left Methven yet so they had been there for 5 days! (And I was worried about taking a day off!) They were interested in sharing a shuttle back to the trail but they found out it was going to cost NZ$55 per person which was too much money. We offered to pay Matt NZ$20 each to take us, the same as we had paid the bus driver, and he agreed. We also saw Amaury in town and he plans to take a ride out with the bus driver to the Rakaia so he is still a bit behind us.

Back at the holiday park the crack baking team got on with the cake while I ‘supervised’ and licked the bowl. I ate more vegetables and pasta and then settled into a very British afternoon with Matt, drinking tea and watching Britains Got Talent in front of the fire, while Sandy and Colin went to the physio. Matt was showing me the map of his travels and telling me about the places he has been in New Zealand when I got a text from Rory to say he was on his way back. Shit. We hadn’t iced the cake! We grabbed all the stuff and sat in the back of Matts car to ice it. And I thought, well this is one of those ridiculous moments in life. Rory walked past as we were mid-ice but we think we got away with it.

After a few rounds of cards and some beers, Matt and Rory decided to go to the shop to get more beers and they went in Matts car, with the cake on full view on the back seat, so our surprise was blown! Rory made his burgers and wedges and they really were delicious, best burger on trail so far, with avocado, onions and lettuce adding to the veggie count for the day. We drank more beers, played pool and listened to music and generally had a really nice time. Matt said ‘I feel like I’ve know you all for years’ and that’s what it was like.

It’s been so nice to have real time off. Not doing anything. No chores. No stress about anything. No planning. No worries. No blogging! I’ve managed to rest my body and more importantly my mind has been given a break.

Maybe I’ll come back to Methven when I’ve finished the trail…


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