• Start: Kiama
  • End: Tomerong
  • Day distance: 61.04km 
  • Total distance: 197.64km 
  • Average speed: 14.5km/hr
  • Pedalling time: 04:15 
  • Total time: 06:15 

I woke up and had to use a superhuman strength to drag myself out of bed. I could just stay here forever. Simon and Anita had to go to work, like normal people, so they did that thing that always amazes me and left me alone in their house. People are so trusting of strangers.  

I could live here…

After yesterday’s storms, and despite the forecast, the weather was good. I struggled up some small hills. I wonder when this will begin to feel easier? I started to became a bit despondent and I got myself into a bit of a negative mindset. I was going to be on main roads the whole day, and I was getting a bit stressed with the cars who made no effort at all to move over. 

I crawled my way to the top of a particularly long hill. Going slow has its perks, I was able to have a conversation with some pedestrians on the way! When we got to the top Priscilla steered her way over to an ice cream shop. It was only 10:30 but it’s never too early for ice cream. 

The road continued to undulate with more hills. As I was peddling along I felt the sting of tears and just cried out of nowhere. It took me by surprise. This seems to be a bit of a pattern for me at the start of something new. After a few days it gets a bit overwhelming and the enormity of the task ahead hits home. It’s just one of those things that I have to get through. I did cry a few more times throughout the day, for no real reason (and probably a few reasons which shouldn’t be reasons). Just a totes emosh day. 

I got sprayed with something wet coming out of this factory, which was pretty gross!

The road continued through the forest and the road was terrible. It turns out long and flat is hard work! There were lots of loose stones and fast cars – not a good combination. I got sprayed with the stones as the cars sped past. Rough roads are slower going. I saw about 8 roadside memorials along the way which did not fill me with confidence!

I aimed to stop every 10k, a new thing to help break the day down and give my bum a rest. My bum doesn’t hurt when I get in the saddle in the morning, but things really start to ache about 2 hours into the day. I stopped after my first 10k, but after that I didn’t stop for 20k as there was just nowhere to stop. So with my bum desperate for a bit of relief I stopped on the side of the road. A man in a van pulled over just to check I was ok. How nice! I ate an apple. An apple and jelly snakes got me through the day. 

I continued on and I was actually grateful to get off the coast road, which didn’t have much view of the coast. As I went through Nowra there was a large pavement which gave me a bit of relief from the traffic. I stopped at some services to rest my bum. A couple of people stopped to ask me what I’m doing. I have had so many people curious about my trip. I think people ask more questions when you’re alone and when they see a loaded up bike it’s more obvious that you’re going on a long trip. 

Eventually I rejoined the A1 and enjoyed the nice wide cycle lane. I was stopped in my tracks by a wall of frogs! 

Only 871km to Melbourne 🙄

The big cycle lane changed to a narrow cycle lane and then to no cycle lane, then I came off the A1 onto a side road which was mostly a nice downhill cruise to my host for the night. Linda and Jenny invited me to stay through a post on Facebook. I was greeted with a cup of tea, a huge bowl of risotto and a much welcomed shower. I wasn’t bothered about showering when I was hiking, but it’s so wonderful to have a shower after a day on the bike. 

Linda took me to see Jervis bay, so many people have told me to go there. It’s a bit of a destination for people who live in Sydney, it’s beautiful and accessible for them. The sun had set and the full moon was out lighting up the bay. It was beautiful. 

We had a delicious dinner with their son and his girlfriend, and I was able to throw a couple of bits in with their laundry. I have been so lucky with my hosts so far. And after fairly lonely days it’s been so nice to be in a cosy home with people to chat to for the nights. My plan is to camp tomorrow, that’s going to be tough after such luxury! 

Stretching. This is how little stretch I have in my body. I need to sort this out! 


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663 million people across the globe are living without access to clean, safe water. That’s 1 in 10 people. A child dies every 90 seconds from a water related disease. One third of the worlds population – 2.4 billion people – don’t have access to adequate sanitation. 

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