I went to bed not really knowing what my plan would be for today. I think it will maybe take around 7 days to get to Adelaide, and there are no warm showers hosts between here and there, so it’s going to be camping, holiday parks or hostels. Trish said we could stay as long as we liked and I figured I wouldn’t be anywhere this nice for the next week, and I didn’t fancy cycling 12 days in a row so I took a day off today. My shoulders hurt and I didn’t sleep well last night so it will probably do me good. Simon & Dominik had taken yesterday off and decided to take today off as well – by flipping a coin. I like their style!

So they did their thing and I did mine, which involved mostly faffing around with the blog and some route planning, and I spoke to an awesome friend who is heading out to bag another section of the PCT. I found myself feeling so envious of him, especially as he is heading out to NorCal, one of the best bits. The PCT will always pull me in. 

I was putting off having to head out on the bike. I never want to get on the bike on a day off. But I did need to go out and get food and I wanted to go to Logan’s Beach where there is a whale watching platform. I found cycling very difficult today. Even with no luggage I was still in first gear for some of the pretty insignificant uphills! I guess it’s a good job I had taken the day off!

There were a whole bunch of people looking for whales and after about 20 minutes a couple put on a bit of a show. They were pretty far away but I managed to see one rise out of the water and splash back down, which he did 4 or 5 times. And I saw them puff water out of their blow holes which was cool. I would be down here all the time if I lived here!

Whale splash!
This is what you need to whale watch!!

After an arduous trip to the supermarket, where I wondered the aisles and found no inspiration, I left with chocolate and cereal bars and a loaf of bread to get me through the next 2 days. Back ‘home’ I ate that Millenial favourite, smashed avocado and feta on toast. And I read an article about how I am actually an Xennial – the difference being that I own a house and spmed my money on Avocados, where as Millenials can’t afford a house because they spend all their money on avocados. That and I had a social media free childhood, which I think is the real definition. Although my childhood was also free from Avocado too. 

Anyway, it was delicious and after some more faffing about Trish came back and said we had all been invited to a bring your own dinner party. So we all pulled together and whipped something up to take to Marren’s house. With their other friend Claire we had a wonderful meal and a very social unexpected evening. When Marren found out that we were heading to Portland she offered us the use of her house which is only a few kilometres before the town, right on the beach. Isn’t it great when everything works out so nicely! If I hadn’t taken the day off today this would never have happened. So I get to stay indoors for at least another night, and I get to stay there with the Germans, Simon & Dominik, so I wont be all alone in a strange house, it couldn’t have worked out any better!

I had contacted a warm showers host in Portland but after saying he would get back to me, he never did, and he didn’t reply to the Germans at all. This is the first negative experience I have had with warm showers. Everyone else has replied either way. 

To cap off the evening we got treated to a salsa dance from Marren and Simon. Another very bizarre day and I wouldn’t want it any other way!


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