• Start: Warrnambool
  • End: Allestree
  • Day distance: 95.1km
  • Total distance: 1661.21km
  • Average speed: 15.4km/hr
  • Pedalling time: 05:54
  • Total time: 06:35
Google took me down a dead end dirt road so I ended up doing and extra 2km

I really don’t have much to say about today. I followed a cycle path for about 3km and then I was back on the good old Princes Highway for pretty much the rest of the day. It rained a bit on and off, it was sometimes cold, it was sometimes hot, the road was busy in parts and quiet in others, some drivers were nice, some were not…

The Germans took a different route to me, they decided to go on some secondary roads rather than the highway, but this added 10k to the journey and I wasn’t up for that! As you can see reflected in the times, I just kept pedalling and hardly stopped. There was nothing to stop for and nowhere nice to stop on the side of the highway.

I was a bit worried about my bum as I was pretty uncomfortable for the first 30k and kept wanting to stop and get off, but it settled down eventually and I was comfortable again or the rest of the day. It was quite flat today and I battled against the wind in some parts which was slowing me down a lot. The wind direction in Australia is in your face, whichever way you are facing. It was blowing straight at me and I turned 90 degrees and it was still blowing straight at me!

There is a reason all those wind turbines are there…

A fence covered in hundreds of shoes?

Off the bloody highway for a bit!

With only about 3k to go I heard some bells behind me and it was Simon and Niki, so that was that confirmed that they are much faster than me. They went further and no doubt stopped for a lunch break.

We found the house and followed the instructions to turn everything on – the gas, water and electricity. I’m so glad the Germans are here, it would have been a bit creepy here by myself. Plus we had been given several warnings of white tail spiders before coming here. Simon is so methodical, and if ‘trail’ names were a thing with cycle touring he would be The Controller, which is how he refers to himself! Dominik would have to have something that referenced his height because he is 6ft8. He is so tall!

A beautifully broken in Brooks saddle

Once we found all the various switches and we got hot water we got the fire on and took showers and ate dinner. All the important stuff!

That was a pretty boring post! Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more interesting. Tomorrow I’m crossing a time zone!


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