• Start: Port Pirie
  • End: Port Augusta
  • Day distance: 96.4km
  • Total distance: 2599.81km
  • Average speed: 13.7km/hr
  • Pedalling time: 07:02
  • Total time: 08:40

Grant packed me off with a whole bunch of food to keep me going through the day after also giving me breakfast!


After the short ride out of town back to the Princes Highway the rest of the day was a struggle. The wind was stronger than yesterday and it was constant, as well as the extra gusts which almost blew me backwards. Reflected in my average speed of 13.7kph.


Not a lot happened today. Aside from the wind it was a cracker of a day weather wise. The sun was out and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. First day without my coat in a while.


There were these, which I thought were vegetables, but later found out are a poisonous invasive fruit called a Paddy Melon, all along the side of the highway.


There was a better shoulder than there was yesterday but it was still a bit precarious at times all because of the wind. It was actually a bit of a welcome relief when the road trains whizzed by because they changed the air direction and gave a merciful 2 second break from the relentless headwind. On the flip side, when the road trains came towards me they intensified the head wind to the point I had to brace myself. When 3 big tucks passed me one after the other I was brought to a complete standstill. There were a few times when the wind patterns created a swirl and I was blown about all over the place.

Thankfully it was flat for the whole day, there were views of the Flinders Ranges to the right and vast expanses of nothingness to the left.


The common Rope Snake

There was a very very bright light on the horizon which I could see for about 70km. It was so bright, I was wondering what it was. It was as bright as the sun. As I got closer I thought it was a lighthouse, a really basic lighthouse. Then I realised it was something to do with a farm. I still don’t really know what the bright light is for, and I couldn’t get a decent picture of it, so here’s one I found on the internet…


After a very long day of battling the wind and pedalling very slowly I finally made it to Port Augusta. I went into the supermarket to get some supplies for the next stretch and a lady came and spoke to me, she said she passed me on the road on Wednesday as I was heading out of Adelaide!

I made a quick stop at the campground to check in with my German friends and find out the plan for the next few days, then I abandoned them because Grant (my host from yesterday) had arranged for me to stay with one of his friends. Michael and Jenny welcomed me in and I showered and washed a few bits of clothes and I had a huge portion (ok, 2 portions) of delicious homemade lasagne for dinner. I love how more and more random the people I am staying with have been. Also loving how incredibly kind and generous everyone is.


As I finally leave the bloody Princes Highway behind, I now join the much anticipated Stuart Highway. The next stretch is the longest one between areas of civilisation. There are only 2 places with facilities in the next 500km. Up to now I’ve spoilt you with real time daily posts, but that may be about to change…


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