I have spent the last few months in and out of hostels and whilst they are good, especially for a solo traveller, they can be a bit hit or miss as to the quality of the hostel and the quality of the other people staying there. I got off quite lightly with my experiences after hearing some of the tales from people I met.

In a place like Jakarta there are so many to choose from but I got lucky with the Wonderloft, and they had the best set of hostel rules I had seen.

  1. Be polite and say hello to everyone in the room.
    Don’t be the one making the room awkward.
  2. Leaving at night / early in the morning?
    Pack your bags the night before. Find everything you’ve got laying around. Pack your passport and your wallet somewhere you can check quick – if you don’t know where they are there will be a panic and you’ll throw your clothes all over the place.
  3. Keep your toilet bag somewhere easy to find.
    Don’t wake up the whole room just so you can find your toothbrush.
  4. Don’t have sex.
    Stop it. Get a private room douchebag.
  5. Pack down or wash your stinky clothes.
    Make your Mother proud..
  6. Don’t make a mess.
    Keep your stuff in your own space.
  7. Don’t steal.
    For some idiotic reason this still needs to be a point.
  8. Don’t touch other people’s stuff.
    Come on.
  9. Don’t eat in the room. 
    At least any hot food. There are already enough weird smells in your room.
  10. Be quick in the shower. 
    This is not a spa. Share the warm water and don’t keep people waiting.
  11. But, get in the shower. 
  12. Include everyone in the communal room. 
    Just because you got there first, you don’t own the place.
  13. Don’t talk on your phone all the time
    It’s VERY annoying.
  14. Don’t turn on the light at night. 
    Use your phone or navigate in the dark.
  15. Respect the atmosphere in the room. 
    Is someone sleeping? Maybe you should be quiet then.
  16. Don’t snooze your alarm. 
    Wake up you lazy ass.
  17. Don’t smoke.
    It’s gross.
  18. Don’t have a pre-party in your bed.
    This still needs to be a point.
  19. When sick…
    Get your own room
  20. Keep your stinky shoes outside the room. 
  21. Enjoy your time while being respectful. 


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