The countdown has begun is over.

Well I’m not quite sure how I went from 6 weeks to go to 1 day to go in the space of about a week but there you go. Here I am with only one day to go before I fly to the States and the next adventure begins.

I have been really busy beavering away in the background updating my website, being very sedentary – not great preparation for the trail! I am really pleased with the progress so far. I still have a huge amount of stuff I would like to do but time has run out for now, and anyway, it will give me something to focus on in September when I am deep in battle with the post-adventure-blues.

I would love for you to take a look around and let me know what you think.

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I have had a bunch of good fortune come my way…

  • My trail friend Hops gave me his AT resupply list which has been really helpful for my planning 🙂
  • Big Agnes replaced my tent under their lifetime warranty 🙂
  • Zpacks replaced my sleeping bag stuff sack free of charge 🙂
  • Thrupack are sponsoring my hike and have given me a Summit Bum to try out 🙂
  • Atlas Guides gave me a loyal customer discount on the purchase of their AT guide 🙂
  • Anker are replacing my faulty battery pack despite it being over their 18 month warranty 🙂
  • My family friend Debbie has has all my packages delivered to her house saving me a fortune on international shipping and import costs – it will be like Christmas when I arrive! 🙂
  • Superstar trail angel Glendee, who has kept a load of my stinky hiking stuff in her house for 2 years (!) has shipped it all to Debbie 🙂
  • Loyal blog follower Aileen has reached out to me and offered me a place to stay and a ride to the start of the trail 🙂

How lucky am I?!

Other than buying a few new bits of kit, and replacing some worn out bits, my preparation for this hike has been pretty limited. The biggest thing I have done is put on a load of weight. I think I may have taken it a step too far because I am starting to feel really uncomfortable now!

I have been scouring instagram and looking at all the people who have already started the trail, it looks like they are having some unusual weather this year – just like the rest of the world. It has been unusually cold and snowy and icy and everyone I have seen has been wrapped up in all their layers and waterproofs! But in the last few days I have had reports of hot weather around the start of the approach trail so things might be looking up.

Have also seen news of a forest fire and about 7 miles of the trail are closed in Virginia somewhere. So I will just take each day as it comes, and if there is a closed section then that’s just how it goes.

See ya

The first time I went away I had to go to about 6 different leaving parties. Lots of send offs from different groups of friends, all amazed at what I was about to do. This time people have barely batted an eyelid! How far are you walking this time? 2000 miles? Oh you’ll do that no problem! Have fun, see you when you get back…

Not only has this become normal for me, it has become normal for everyone around me too! I am sure there is something profound I could say about that but I can’t think of it right now.

Hey, Puff Puff, I’ve missed you…

I am actually really looking forward to picking up the blog again, I miss writing every day, or maybe it’s more the fact I miss having something to write about every day.

I am looking forward to being this stinky hiker again. Looking forward to washing every couple of weeks and it not mattering. I am looking forward to reconnecting with the outside and waking up with the sun and going to sleep with the sun. Living out of my tent and sleeping in a different place every night.

I am excited for all the people I am going to meet and how they will impact my life. I’m hoping to see some people I know although they are so far ahead I doubt I will catch them. I have my fingers crossed for some trail magic from some old trail friends – just seeing them again will be magic enough.


What I am not looking forward to is eating tuna and ramen again, but you have to make some sacrifices every now and then.

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