Hello everyone.

So first of all…I’m fine. I’m alive. I’m still hiking. I’m doing well!

I’ve had lots of concerned messages which is heartwarming, but the reality is that I’m finding it pretty much impossible to get the blog or YouTube updated mainly because I have no time. I am hiking for more than 12 hours a day most days and in 47 days I have taken 1 zero day. That day I spent being ill and for about 10 days I was a little mucus machine, but I was still hiking.

I have nearly 900 miles completed so I am on track to finish in my time frame, but to do that means I have very little down time. I have to average 19 miles a day for the next 70 days which is totally doable.

I am still writing and recording, most nights it takes me about an hour to write about the day and I end up writing about 2000 words a day, so I have so much I want to (and will eventually) share. I end up going to sleep around 10:30pm each night (waaay past hiker midnight) and I wake up around 5:30am each morning. I am permanently tired!

I get to town mostly in the afternoon and by the time I’ve done all my chores there is very little time left to do anything. Also, this is really boring but the WordPress app is crap and to upload photos requires me to save the draft and close down the app and reopen it again after every single photo. As a result it takes about two hours to upload one blog and it makes me incredibly frustrated! (It has crashed 4 times just trying to upload this post!)

I just wanted to apologise for not being able to get the story out there as I go, but hopefully you’ll wait! The most up to date channel is Instagram, as it’s quick to update, so you can follow along on there.

Thank you all for your continued support through your nice messages / concern / donations / love. I really do appreciate it.