August 22nd 2018
Zero miles

No one woke up early. We had checked the weather and it didn’t look good today. We walked down to the Looney Moose Cafe and ate breakfast and the heavens opened while we were there, it was absolutely pouring down. Sherpa arrived. He hitched out last night, saw the forecast and hitched back in this morning to hang out in town. There were also a bunch of other hikers in the cafe. 


Eventually we had to leave the cafe. I had brought my umbrella with me, and as we walked along the street, I was dry but my feet were soaked from the giant puddles. The others were getting drenched. A car pulled up and we all got in. A couple who were also in the cafe saw us walking and pulled over to give us a lift. We all piled into the the back seat and perched awkwardly on top of baby seats! 


They drove us to the hotel which would have been a 15 minute walk and we would have been soaked so we got very lucky with that nice couple. 

We went back to bed, intending to hike out around 2pm and get 8 miles in. After some calculations and a look at the weather which is clear for the next few days, we all decided to zero. This would be the last opportunity and we got a good rate for the room split between us so why not! I really didn’t want to hike out in the rain and wet. 


So decision made and we spent all day in bed. Eating, snoozing and watching Friends on and off. I ate a wonderful deli sandwich and drank too much soda. I don’t really know where the day went. It just passed by. 


Another microwave pizza for dinner, some popcorn and soda and it was an early night ready for an early start in the morning. 

White wolf inn is a funny place. Pretty sure we were to only guests for the two nights. When we asked for a late check out the response was ‘stay as long as you like honey’. There is a hostel down the road, the Stratton Motel, and that’s where all the other hikers were. About 10 people there I think, but we hadn’t heard very good things about it. 


Watch the video!

For this trip I made a daily video diary which you can watch here: DAY 106