In 2015 I didn’t think about care packages. Then, about half way through America I found I really missed British chocolate and I asked if anyone wanted to send me anything. The response I got was more than I ever expected and people really pulled through for me – I couldn’t fit in everyone who wanted to send something!

This time I’m really lucky to have a base in America and I’m planning to take a bunch of stuff out with me to have posted further on down the trail. My ‘need’ for care packages won’t kick in until I hit Southern California and then on to New Zealand.

Now I certainly don’t expect anyone to send me anything but I have found that people actually want to, and sometimes get a bit put out if they can’t, so…I have added a donate button to this site (it’s in the menu if you scroll down a bit) and if you want to help fatten me up / boost my morale you can donate to the ‘burger fund’ and I will use it to get a nice meal when I hit a town. At least this way people aren’t spending more on postage than the contents of what they are posting!

But, if you do still want to send a care package here are a few ideas of things I like:

Things in small packages / individual wrappers are best. To be honest it’s mostly chocolate and biscuits I will want. As long as it has NO NUTS in then you’re pretty safe with anything. Particular favourites include:

• Cadbury: Twirl, Whispa, Boost bites (any of those ‘to share’ pouches), Dairy Milk, Dairy milk with stuff in, finger of Fudge, Freddo, Snack (those chocolate covered shortbread things)
• Galaxy chocolate, Minstrels / Counters, Malteaser Teaser bar. Smarties.
• Lindt with orange or mint bits.
• Jelly Babies (preferably the berry only packets – the green ones are gross).
• Red liquorice.
• Sweets in general like Percy pigs, Drumstick Squishies, Maoam Stripes, Natural Confectionery Co Jelly Snakes etc.
• Fudge
• Cadbury Hot Chocolate sachets

And here are some random, but quite specific, things that are my favourite things in the whole wide world (with web links so you can see what they are):

• Urban Fruit Strawberry
• M&S Belgian Chocolate Coated Honeycomb
• Thomas Fudge’s DARK Chocolate Flapjacks
M&S Scottish All Butter Choc Chunk Shortbread Rounds
• M&S Double Chocolate Viennese Swirls

And of course letters and surprises are most welcome additions to any care package!

If you do want to send me something please get in touch and I will give you an address to send it to. You will have to let me know that you have sent it as I will have to make a specific trip to a post office or certain place to pick it up.