General jumbled ramblings … I am outta here! I’m about to get on the plane and leave behind the madness of Brexit and the wash out of ‘summer’ in the UK, and head across the pond to the general madness of America.  I’m excited! I’m terrified! I’m weirdly calm and completely panicked at the same […]

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Just A Drop

Of all the things I’ve done, raising money for charity has been one of the hardest. It consists of huge emotional highs and huge emotional lows. When people support you and your cause it is heartwarming and seeing your fundraising total going up makes you feel good. But the pressure (I put on myself) to […]

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The next adventure(s)

So the flights are booked and I’m teetering on the edge of the next two adventures. Eek!  1. July 2016 – Pacific Crest Trail Southbound (Canada to Mexico) 2. December 2016 – Te Araroa, New Zealand People who know me and readers of this blog will know that I have struggled to readjust to ‘life […]

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San Diego

The day finally came and I got my flight!  The flight to San Diego is long. I watched a few films to pass the time: Gone Girl – it was terrible, the main actress was terrible, the story was terrible, the ending was terrible.  The Imitation Game – the one about Alan Turing. Absolutely amazing. […]

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One day we will beat cancer

Fundraising is hard.  It comes with amazing highs – like receiving a donation from a stranger and the knowledge that you are supported by your friends and family. It also sometimes comes with a bit of disappointment – although I don’t expect anyone to donate, there are some people who I hope will support me, […]

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