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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Alex,

    I’ve followed your blog posts from time to time on the PCTA website. I was surprised to meet one of your hiking partners today. I gave Growler a lift into Quincy for a re-supply and she mentioned your posts and that you were meeting in town. I’m in Meadow Valley about half-way between the PCT trailhead at Bucks Summit and Quincy. I gave Growler my phone number and some tips of where to go in Quincy; however I recall she said her phone wasn’t working. I also extended an invitation to her and hiking partner(s) to stay at my place if the accommodations in Quincy were unavailable or too expensive as well as a lift back to the trail. Let me know if I can help out in any way..



    1. This is so kind, thank you for the message. I have a lift sorted with my other hiking partners mum, but it’s nice to know that Growler is ok and I will try and get hold of her. Thanks again! Alex


      1. Alex,

        OK! Best of luck on your journey and congratulations on approaching the half-way point of the PCT. Again, if you need anything while in the Quincy/Bucks Lake area then give me a call at 530-283-3327.

        Regards, Marc



  2. Dear Hiker,
    My name is Rachel aka Blackwater. I’m planning on hiking the PCT next year. And I was wondering if you could answer some questions about your hike on the PCT. I totally understand if your busy and don’t have time to do this. We are all busy people and we all have busy lives. But if you do have the time, that would be great. Please just let me know and I’ll email the questions. Thanks for your time.


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