Cycle Oz Day 58 – I spoke too soon

Start: Eridunda Roadhouse End: Stuarts Well Roadhouse Day distance: 106.8km Total distance: 3740.6km Average speed: 16.7km/hr Pedalling time: 06:22 Total time:  09:10 The smell of the septic tank kept wafting over in the night which was pretty gross but for such a busy campsite – there were so many caravans – it was nice and quiet. I have been pretty paranoid […]

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Cycle Oz Day 56 – Water

Start: Marla Roadhouse End: Marryat Creek North rest area Day distance: 126.3km Total distance: 3382.51km Average speed: 20km/hr Pedalling time: 06:18 Total time: 08:20 I was so warm list night I woke up in a hot sweat and had to dangle a leg over the edge of the mattress to cool down. I didn’t even […]

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Cycle Oz Day 55 – Peloton

Start: side of the Stuart highway End: Marla Roadhouse Day distance: 124.3km Total distance: 3382.51km Average speed: 15.1km/hr Pedalling time: 08:10 Total time: 10:10 The sky was so awesome last night. It was completely clear and with just a slither of moon. When I went out to the toilet at about 10:30 it was looking […]

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Cycle Oz Day 52 – Puncture

Start: off the road banana loop bush camp End: Coober Pedy Day distance: 120.3km Total distance: 3150.91km Average speed: 19.7km/hr Pedalling time: 06:04 Total time: 08:30 My first puncture. Not Priscilla, she’s fine. My mattress has sprung a leak! I’ve had my Therm-a-rest for a long time now, it’s one of the few items that […]

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