I haven’t been sleeping very well so decided to go to bed really early, which of course meant I was awake really early too. I had breakfast of a really horrible pancake with chocolate spread in the middle and a dragon fruit. They are such an awesome colour, the best colour you can get in […]

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To Java

One of the benefits of staying with people is the you get a great breakfast, I had scrambled egg on toast which set me up nicely for the day. I set off early at 8am. As I stopped early yesterday I had 80km to do instead of 50km and it was hot and humid already. I […]

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Back on the bike

I wanted to leave at 8am but it was pouring with rain so I ended up leaving at 10am. Not an ideal time because of the heat. Before I left I got breakfast at the Sunshine Hostel which was weird. I have no idea what it was! There was some rice and some strange green […]

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Eat Pray Love 

As you may have guessed by now I am not completely in love with cycling in Indonesia. There are a few reasons, including the pollution and the heat, and as a result I felt like I had lost my mojo, not just for cycling, but for anything. I had spent a few days back in […]

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