Weird night. Quite windy and I was restless. I think I was apprehensive about the huge climb. 10 miles of straight up and a 33 mile waterless stretch. We are all hoping that the water cache at mile 91 – usually maintained by the pcta – is going to be stocked. 

Started with 6 litres of water. 6.30am ride from misty the “taxi” service. Only 3 miles down the road – it felt like it took ages – is that really 3 miles?! Such a long way!! 


It took me from 6:45 to 2:30 to walk the 14 miles to the cache. Everyone walks so much faster than me!! But I am a plodder, I have one speed and I maintain it without stopping much. Just some brief wee / sock change stops. I snack as I’m moving. It’s so hot out here that I find if I go too fast I sweat and pant too much and get dehydrated. If I maintain a steady pace I lose less water and don’t do the whole overheating dizzy thing. 

The scenery was amazing and several times I just stopped and listened to the scilence. We are absolutely in the desert now. It’s hot. Hostile. Spiky. Dry. Dusty. Brown. 

The climb was long and continuous and hot. So so hot. 


My left hip flexor was super painful today. The last mile to the cache took me about an hour because I was struggling with the pain. It was way too long before I remembered I didn’t have to suffer and 600mg of ibuprofen will get rid of the pain! The balls of my feet feel like they may explode and my feet are pretty swollen. 

There were loads of people hanging out at the cache in the small patches of shade and I chilled out there for about an hour. Thankfully the cache was fully stocked. 

I walked a further 3 miles to a small campsite on the trail making a 17 mile day. I think there are around 10 people here. Ate creole garlic butter rice for dinner and I think I just replenished my weeks worth of salt. 


It’s 7pm. It’s getting late and the sun is about to set. 


Tomorrow promises the 100 mile mark, a foot bath and a burger…. 

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