Cycle Oz Day 68 – too hot

Start: Mount Stuart Reserve rest area End: Taylor Creek rest area Day distance: 108km Total distance: 4157.91km Average speed: 20.2km/hr Pedalling time: 05:16 Total time: 08:15 I was asleep fairly early around 9pm having struggled to keep my eyes open to read any of my book. I woke up when a bunch of road trains […]

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Cycle Oz Day 67 – 4000km

Start: Bush camp End: Mount Stuart Reserve rest area Day distance: 90.2km Total distance: 4049.91km Average speed: 20.1km/hr Pedalling time: 04:28 Total time: 09:45 I had a great night sleep, despite the full moon being like a spotlight. I got up at 4am for a wee and I didn’t need any light because it was so […]

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Cycle Oz Day 59 – Alice Springs

Start: Stuarts Well Roadhouse End: Alice Springs Day distance: 94.3km Total distance: 3834.9km Average speed: 22.1km/hr Pedalling time: 04:17 Total time: 05:00 It was a pretty terrible night, it was so hot and so windy. I managed a couple of hours sleep before the wind really picked up and woke me up. It was making the tent flap about all over the […]

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