Day 7 – 100 miles

Last night was so windy. So so windy. Slept badly. Up at 5. Hiking on my own for most of the morning. 


Leapfrogged with lots of hikers today. Hip feeling sore but ok, I made sure I dosed up on ibuprofen before leaving. 

Hit the magic 100 mile mark and it felt good! Pretty sure this is the furthest I have been in one trip so far. 


About a mile later came across Veggie. Free cold beer and choc chip pancakes!! She previously hiked the pct and has put herself out there each day to provide trail magic to us, and she is preparing a southbound hike of the CDT this year to complete her triple crown. Go Veggie!! 


Hiked a few more miles to eagle rock and someone had turned up the heat!! The terrain was really varied today, we had a bit of a forest with some poison oak and then it opened out into flat plains…


Arrived at Eagle Rock (a natural rock formation that looks like an eagle!)


I hiked a further 3 miles to Warner springs. Someone turned up the heat again. 


I feel really slow today. I started first but by the afternoon everyone had overtaken me. I just can’t make my body go any faster, my hip won’t let me. Some people go so fast that I feel like they are racing to Canada. 

I arrived at the community centre at around 2:30pm and there are so many people here! Loads of people I know, loads of people I haven’t met yet. Some people need to go to the post office to pick up resupply which is closed on the weekend so they are waiting there for it to open. Im glad I don’t need to rely on boxes. There is resupply available at the community centre, there is very limited choice but there is stuff to eat. 


But, first things first. Shoes off. Burger. (That burger was so good!). 


I didn’t bother with a shower again! Met loads of new people. I’m trying to understand the drugs in the US – I don’t have a clue what any of them are! And don’t ask about a chemist, it’s a drugstore over here. I was explaining my hip pain and Papa Smurf gave me some anti inflammatory tablets and some muscle relaxers. He said they are really going to help – I’ll find out tomorrow. 

I charged some things, bought some resupply, had another burger and made plans with other hikers for the next 3 days to get into Idyllwild. We have limited camp options and limited water sources. I sometimes worry that I am just piggybacking the plans of other hikers, but I want to stay with my friends! 

We have the promise of another burger at the paradise valley cafe in 24 miles…


4 thoughts on “Day 7 – 100 miles

  1. Warner Springs, the first real hiker vortex. I was a bit in shock. I didn’t count them, but it felt like there must have been ~75 hikers hanging there when I arrived a day later. Still a good stop. That burger tasted sooo good.

    Interested in your resupply comments. I could have resupplied out of the hiker box, but I already had a resupply package waiting for me at the PO. That miracle occurred each time I reached a resupply point. Every package mailed to me arrived on time, and I never lost one the entire PCT route.

    Aliens, (sorry for that miserable term) as we Americans (US government) call anyone from outside our borders, didn’t have the luxury of arranging for resupply packages in advance. A six month visa doesn’t give you much time at the front end for that type of detailed preparation. Fortunately this was a stop where you could pick up enough stuff to get you to Idyllwild from those hikers already giving up, or dumping extra food weight. There was certainly an abundance to choose from when I looked.

    BTW, Aleve worked better for me than Ibuprofen.


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