I did not want to get out of ‘bed’. Everything was a bit damp and I could see the droplets of water on my fly. Eventually I had to drag myself out the tent. 


Today we descended 7500 ft. That’s a long way down. That is like descending Mt Snowdon 3 times over, and that’s not just going to Pen-y-pass car park, oh no, it’s going all the way down to the sea. 

Left camp at 7.30ish and started the long way down with lovely views. It was very windy and I nearly got blown off the side of the trail a few times! Path very narrow in places – it’s supposed to be graded for a horse. Would not want to ride a horse on here! 


My hip started off fine with absolutely no pain at all, but after half an hour I was in agony. A different pain this time. A stabbing pain. I took a load of drugs – the ibuprofen that I had and it seemed to help but it was still a bit twingey. 

You would think down hill would be easy but no. It’s murder on the knees and quads. And 7000ft of descent never seems to end. 
Now unfortunately I woke up needing a poo. Just hold it until you reach Ziggy and the Bear I told myself. That was in 21 miles time. Let me tell you now that I do not advise holding on to a poo for that long. So the time came after around 10 miles that I really really had to go. My first proper nature poo. A poo with a view…

On the way down I met a man who was going up to surprise his girlfriend with doughnuts. He gave me one, and I didnt even have to do anything for it! 


Hit the 200 mile mark! 

The views were beautiful and I was on the edge of a storm all day, it was warm and the sun was out but every time the wind blew it brought water droplets with it. 

I got to the paved road (5miles to ziggy and bear) and saw a security man looking after the water source. We had a nice chat. He told me where their house was, explained that we are on the Mexico plate and it’s moving away from the USA and I am about to walk over the San Andreas fault. That’s why this are is so barron. The fault is just filled with sand. He offered me a ride to the end of the road – I declined and watched him drive away…


Then I came across the less glamorous side of pct. After a speedy 1m walk on the paved road the next 4 miles was sand. Deep sand. Felt like walking through tar (or along the beach!). You walke through a wind farm. So windy. So so windy. In your face wind. 


I walked under the interstate and I was heading straight towards the bad weather. It rained on me a lot in the last mile (the longest mile ever) and I got absolutely soaked. 


When I finally arrived at ziggy and the bear there were lots of soggy hikers. Everyone is soaked. Everything is soaked. I was greeted by JBird and Jesse which was so nice and I saw Rooster and Cindy who is now called Wet Dog. 

The 4 ladies (who said I was really fast) said they had been trying to catch me all day to give me some pain relief for my hip. A man overheard and offered me up half of his supply of aleve. He said he hadn’t used any yet. Fancy Pants I am so so grateful!!


We bundled up under the porch and went to sleep. Lights out at 9pm – hiker midnight. 

21 miles today. 

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