Day 28 – Casa de Luna 

Everything was wet when we woke. We were in a valley and everything was covered in condensation. It was condensation station. We packed up quickly knowing it was going to be a hot day and we could dry our stuff out later. 


Growler was so quick she practically ran the first few miles to the road. We sat and dried out our stuff in a shelters spot and met Eyore for the first time. He is a myth (a multi year section hiker), this is his 6th year and in a couple more he will have completed the PCT. His wife Sue is his support crew and she pulled up in he car while we were there. She offered to take our packs to the next road, the junction to trail angels the Andersons at Casa de Luna where we planned to spend the night. Yeah!! A few people put their packs in the car, I put some of the contents of my pack in but I still carried my bag – it was considerably lighter though. 

I never know what day of the week it is, but you can always tell when it’s the weekend as there are loads of day hikers about. A lady stopped and talked to us about what we were doing, she wanted to shake my hand – never a good idea to touch a thru hikers hand. Pretty sure there are particles of dirt, poo, wee, blood, snot, saliva, sweat, chocolate, cheese, other food substances, bug remains and a whole heap of other things. Better to go for a fist bump. 

Growler packed out a cucumber to munch on…

The afternoon got really hot. I was struggling up the hills. Eyore passed me and he says ‘you’re not going to let an old man beat you to the top are you?’. Yes. Yes I am! 


Around 13 miles in we came across a cache maintained by the Andersons. Water and soda. Sweeeeet! 


Lots of evidence today of the great job the trail maintenance crews do…

7 more miles and we got to the road. Sue was there with soda and Oreos – nice one Sue! We got our stuff backand Terrie Anderson was there too so we got a lift back to Casa de Luna with her. We got lucky! 

The Andersons are so cool. We hung out with the 30 or so other people, a few people I know, lots of people I don’t. They have a huge forest in their back yard which is like a rabbit warren with loads of spaces to pitch tents. Staying the night is optional. Hawaiian shirts are mandatory. We went to the store as a priority for a much needed ice cream and soda.



They serve a massive taco salad. Every night! And it’s really good. 


We went to bed fairly early because my Hawaiian shirt wasn’t keeping me warm! Back at the tents there were loads of bugs crawling all over the place, they looked like small cockroaches. Growler is cowboy camping – I could not do that! 

20 miles today. Tomorrow we try and leave this place!…


7 thoughts on “Day 28 – Casa de Luna 

  1. Seriously girl you had better take care of your very weathered nose. You need to get that thick white cream to put on, zinc oxide. If the skin breaks and you get dirt in there you could be in big trouble. I have seen a very infected nose from severe sun burn. I am a mother and a grandmother.


  2. So this is what I missed. Humm. I skipped Casa de Luna, as the timing wasn’t convenient and ‘everyone’ it seemed was heading there. I didn’t want to divert, so early in the day, and so did the road walk to Rock Inn. Maybe next time, although I heard rumors that they shut down. Is that true? I assume there is information on some Facebook group somewhere, but even though I have a facebook page, I practically never look there, or post anything.

    When I got to the road, I turned right and I met the Root Beer Lady, I called her.

    I sat and chatted with her for quite a while. Loved the rootbeer and oreo mid day treats. Watched hiker after hiker emerge and turn left heading for the Andersons.

    She told me about Eeyore behind me who hadn’t arrived yet, and the slack packing routine he was doing and she was supporting. That seemed like a great hiking strategy when you were doing the PCT in sections over several years. I would meet Eeyore later in Mojave and hike a couple days with him on the way to Walker Pass. We are both from the Pacific North West. He from Bremerton, and me from Bellingham. He told me later he was following you on a blog, and now I know why. I am a little slow, and it took me a while to find it. 🙂

    The Swiss Army caught up with me at Rock Inn after I had passed them still in their tent earlier in the morning. This catchup became a routine for a few days running after this. Speed allows you to sleep in later, and still do the miles. I was envious.


    1. There were rumours that they were going to shut down. Some people that came through after us behaved pretty badly, stole from her and crashed a car which ruined a fence. At least that’s what the rumours were. They are definitely open again this year, lots of pictures on Facebook of people passing through.
      I loved rootbeer Sue. We ended up seeing her about 6 times. We were with Eeyore on that stretch, he outpaced me no problem!
      We walked past that place the next day


      1. Thanks for the update. That’s too bad. I had heard that some of these hiker havens were getting put off by the increasing numbers of irresponsible (dare I say young) free loaders. I always bristled when I heard a young PCT hiker talk about something ahead being ‘Free’. Who do they think paid for it? Had noted now many times Yogi, in her book, had pleaded for people to ‘do the right thing’ and leave a donation if you stayed somewhere overnight.

        Before I went back to NZ this year, we drove down to Bremerton to take the Rootbeer Lady and Eeyore out for lunch. Payback time! Ed and I have been emailing lately about thoughts on doing the Sierras with his hammock. Hope to catch up with them again before he continues being the ‘Myth’ on the trail this summer. After he does Sierra City to KM, he will be all finished except for the area closest to him, Goat Rocks.


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