At breakfast we all convinced each other we needed a rest day, we were going to hike out in the afternoon but everybody else was staying put, so we did too. The weather was still bad and we needed to do lots of stuff. 

We walked the 1.2 miles to the store reluctantly – when I’m in town I have no desire to walk anywhere. On the way we ran into the Swiss army and they are zeroing too so we knew we made the right decision! The weather didn’t look pretty…

At the store I kept getting stopped by people ‘hey are you hiking the trail?’ followed by ‘hey where are you from?’, it was difficult to get the shopping done! I bought 21 days of food and stuffed it all into my rucksack to take back to the Besty Westy, I was stood outside waiting for Growler and a lovely old man (77 he told me) offered us a lift back to the hotel. Thanks Jim. He even said we could call him in the morning and he would take us back to the trail if we couldn’t get a ride. 

Growler and I packaged all the food for the next couple of sections and went to the post office. 

Our chores completed, we bumped into Bangarang and went for some pizza and then went to the movies! It was not something I was expecting to do but it was good way to switch off (and watch some mindless robot bashing), plus it was only $5! Considerably cheaper than the UK. 

We met Roxanne back or the hotel who is planning to stay in Tehachapi a while and rest her foot, and we spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub to celebrate Danas birthday! 

Tomorrow we get back on the trail. 

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