The alarm went off at 5:20am and we were back in condensation station. 

We woke up in a huge cloud and no one wanted to get up. So we didn’t. We snoozed and chatted from our tents for another 3 hours!!!!! I told a very interesting and informative story about having my hair tested for intolerances, and when I finished there was just silence then hysterical laughter at the way I pronounced yoghurt and vitamins. I pronounce them properly! One of the many things I love about hiking with these two is that we belly laugh every single day, even when we are on the struggle bus. 

After we had filtered water we didn’t start hiking until 9:30am – such a late start for the 29 mile day we had planned. 

It only took a couple of miles before we were out of the cloud and stripping off layers. 


We made good time to the water source (the last water in 43 miles!) and we filled up with a heavy 4 litres and ate some lunch. We signed the trail register there (I appear to have developed myself a logo – some of my finest work). 


We walked another 7 miles – through so many different terrains, dead forest, desert, living forest…Growlers shoes completely broke as  we clambered over the fallen trees! As we sat by a road and dried out or stuff, we decided to eat our dinner then and walk another 7 miles (making a 22 mile day) knowing that it would probably be dark before we got to camp. We saw Todd arrive as we were packing up to go (I last saw him in Acton where we were discussing excessive flatulance) and we left him eating a Nutella and peanut butter tortilla. 


I flew the next 7 miles at around 3mph, I was running some of it trying to keep up with Cool Breeze. The quicker I got there the quicker I could stop walking! There was time to admire the great sunset though. 


We saw Catwater, safe in her tent out of the icy wind, who we had been hoping to see all day, yeah! We managed 21.5 miles before we found a random place to camp and waited for Growler. It was dark and we were getting worried about her, worried that she wouldn’t see us but she found us! Woo!  

Tomorrow we have to make up some miles…