The morning started badly. 3 people in a 2 man tent does not make a comfortable nights sleep. 3 hungry, exhausted, stinky hikers in a confined space equals tension and it’s fair to say that there was some grumpiness this morning. 

We got up at 5:30am and we were hiking by 6:10am


I didn’t have enough time to do anything so I still had my sleep trousers and my down puffy on. We were going fast because we had arranged to meet Mumma Cool Breeze in Kennedy Meadows, so we were going to get there in 6 days rather than 7. I felt like we were on a bit of a death march this morning. It wasn’t fun. My whole body hurt. My shoulders. My upper back. My ribs. It hurts to breathe. My legs hurt. My knees hurt. My feet hurt. 

So, of course, I cried. Again. 

Well it was more just leaking from the eyes, more from exhaustion than anything. (Disclaimer: I’m completely fine) 

I hobbled onwards, just putting one foot in front of the other. Eventually my body remembered what we were doing and started to comply.  

It was going ok until I fell over. I scraped my hand, luckily I fell backwards because if I fell forwards I would have been headfirst down the mountain. The worst part of it was I lost the fruit snacks in my hand. 

I stopped to change into my shorts at the water source. I hadn’t seen anyone all morning and I was thinking that I wouldn’t see anyone all day. I started the big climb up to 8000ft, I just kept going. 

I stopped once for a minute to talk to Foothawk, I thought I was going so slowly but I passed 7 people on the way up which I was pretty pleased with! I was going to stop at the top but I just carried on. A long long long downhill. I passed another person – tortoise who started in March sometime but had to take some time out because of injury. We had had some lunch but got disturbed by the ants. 

I wanted to get to Kennedy meadows store by 4:30, so it was time to get a bit of a run on. I did the next 10 miles in 3 hours, I was so ready to stop hiking but getting to the store before it closed was a priority. I also knew Sue and Eyore were going to be there and I was hoping to see them before they finished the section (and I hoped for a root beer!) 

I was about 3 miles away and it started to hail. Joy. Then it rained. Then the thunder came. I was on the edge of the storm for the rest of the way. 


I passed 9 people in the end and when I got to the trail register just before the road I saw Cool Breeze had signed in at 1:27pm which is ridiculous! I got to the trailhead just as Private Squares was getting into a car – and it was Cool Breeze in his mums car, perfect timing! 

We got a lift the .8 miles up to the general store and there were loads of hikers there – including Eeyore and Sue with a root beer! I got my soda, Pringles and burger fix as a priority and picked up my 4 packages – new shoes, new socks, rei package and food box. 

Growler and I then set out then set out with Cool Breeze and Mumma Cool Breeze to a hotel where we did laundry, updated the blog, sorted out our packages (I sent myself a load of random stuff from San Diego, including a huge bag of Mini Eggs, excellent work) we went to the hot tub and finally went to bed at 1am! 


Tomorrow is a day off…