We were early to rise after our shambles of a day yesterday. Up at 5:30 hiking by 6:10am. 

We had 1700ft to the top of Pinchot pass. We had some snowfields to walk through, they are so much easier to cross when they are hard – no post holing! The path was difficult to follow at times.


Finally got to the top only 10 minutes later than planned. Successful day so far! 


Then it was all the way down 2000ft, through more snow fields and along the frozen lake. 


We had a break by the river, dried out our tents and sleeping bags and ate our lunch (at 10:30am). Another day, another river crossing…


We then headed for the next 5 mile ascent back up to 12000ft to cross Mather pass. So many switch backs. I told myself I would make it by 3pm got there at 2:40! Happy with that!


We descended through snow again but nothing is as bad as Forrester was! The weather has been fantastic and the sun has been rapidly melting the snow which sometimes turns the path into a river. 


The descent was 4000ft over 10 miles. It was so long, so steep, so rocky. I nearly busted my knee, so I had to slow down a bit. But the walk was beautiful all along the lake – if it wasn’t so cold we would have jumped in! 


We managed 8.2 miles before we came across a nice camp spot with a ready made fire area and we decided to stop there. Cool Breeze built a great fire and I had secretly packed out the leftover marshmallows! 


A 22 mile day through the Sierra. People say that your mileage goes down in the Sierra and it does, the terrain is difficult, you are constantly jumping over streams, crossing rivers, climbing over trees and trying not to break any body parts on the rocks. 

I have been attacked my mosquitos already – although no one else has. I have so many itchy bites on my arms (where the buggers have bitten me through my top) made worse by the sun. I am dreading the real buggy areas…

Tomorrow is the big one. Muir pass…

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