We slept as well as we could next to the chorus of 10 thousand frogs. Everything is cold and damp. Everything smells because it had been damp for so long. It stinks. Really stinks. 

We hiked fast and apart from a little up section most of the day was downhill. We needed to get to Reds Meadow which is around half a mile off the trail to meet Growlers friends who had planned to pick us up. The trail was great, not too many rocks or tree roots to trip over. I walked with Cool Breeze most of the way and we had conversations about really important things such as which is the correct way to hang the toilet paper. 

We arrived at 12:15! 15 miles in like 5 hours! 

We had a burger and a milkshake – and I got disappointed but the American usage of the word chips. At around 2pm we got picked up but Growlers friends and taken into Mammoth to stay at our favourite place – the Best Western. We went for dinner and I had roughly half a pigs worth of pulled pork. 

Thankfully we are in ‘merica and they give you a box to take your food away. Also the land of the free soda refill – best thing ever. Maybe the 3 sodas was the reason I couldn’t finish my dinner! 

Then we went in the hot tub, of course. 

Tomorrow is a rest day…