We made use of the breakfast buffet then I spent most of the morning updating the blog. 

Supermarket run to Vons to buy 10 days of food to try to cram in the bear canister. Needless to say it doesn’t all fit! Growlers friends drove us around which was perfect!

(This was the only photo I took all day!) 

I went to the post office to send off some stuff I don’t need anymore – microspikes and some other bits and bobs, then to the bakery, then to the outfitter to get fuel. Growler hung out with her friends. 

When I came back to the hotel I put my leftover pulled pork into the bread I bought from the bakery. Yum! We relaxed for a while and I spent more time updating the blog. 
In the evening we went to a Mexican restaurant with Catwater and her friends. Catwater is waiting for her sister so we might not see her again. 
Then of course it was back to the hot tub, Poka and Raddish arrived and came and said hello. It’s been over 450 miles since we last saw them!!  
Tomorrow we get back on the trail…