Well, that solace and thinking time Cool Breeze needed is still a thing and he has decided not to hike out with us this morning. He has some errands to run and he will hike out a day behind us, he is also going to take a day trip into Yosemite valley to climb half dome – I have been to the valley before (one of my reasons for doing this trip) but I never got to climb half dome. I think I would be too stressed about the time pressure of getting to Canada to take another side trip. I’ll be back one day – so, his plan is to catch us up over the next 200 miles between here and South Lake Tahoe. 

Growlers friends came to collect us and take us to the trail head. So nice of them and they were so friendly. 
There were loads of hikers at the Reds Meadow trail head, said hi to a few and we saw Costco also ready to hike out today. We may have started going in the wrong direction! But we found our way to the trail in the end – we took the alternate route to get back to the trail which passed the Devils postpile, which is a fantastic rock formation (similar to Giants causeway in Ireland). 


The terrain was great today. Not many rocks and gentle gradients. It’s just a shame our packs are so heavy with so much food! They are seriously affecting us. Our feet, knees and hips hurt from the weight and going downhill is so hard! My balance has been completely altered. It would have been quite a pleasant walk without our packs, but it was tough. 


We had beautiful views of the mountains all day. We decided to stop and camp before going over the upcoming pass as there is rain forecast and we hurt! 

I stopped after 15 miles, unable to take another step. But there were so many mosquitoes!! They surround me. I hate them but unfortunately they love me. If there is one thing that could take me off this trail it’s the mosquitoes, it’s a real mental battle.

I put up my tent as quickly as possible and found solace inside! I ate in my tent so I hope there are no bears around tonight! 

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