We were up and hiking by 7:15am and it was already hot. We should have left earlier really to take advantage of the cooler temperatures but hey ho. The first 4 miles were ok, we found water from a spring.

The next 6 miles were up and down in and out the shade.


We stopped for lunch for about an hour. I hate all my food. I had tuna and crackers which are one of the only palatable things right now.

It is hot. Really hot.


We hiked the next 10 miles and got to the road and met Mumma cool breeze and Al! They greeted us with a beer. Just before we went to the car we saw two section hikers under a tree escaping the sun. We have them a beer, they were happy! 

We went to Quincy and on the way I got service on my phone. I had a message from someone on my blog who had picked up Growler and taken her to Quincy earlier today! She has gone really fast!

We went to the supermarket and bought a couple of things. Just as we were at the checkout who walks in?! Growler! In her new shoes. We tried to take photos but they were awful! See…


(Am I really that short?!) We caught up with what she’s been doing – she’s been hiking with Ladies Man and Face. And we agreed to meet further up the trail (if she slows down!!)

We went for pizza and back to the RV.

Getting back on the trail is so tough at the moment. I can see why people duck out here. It’s tough to keep going. You get desensitised to what’s around you. It’s almost become…normal. This sounds terrible. It is terrible. Sometimes it feels like there is no achievement in the day. I’ve heard of around 10 people I have met at points along the trail that have quit.

It’s tough. Mentally tough.

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