I left a bit later than I wanted to so the first 7 miles of the rest of the climb to 7000ft was a little hotter than I would have liked. 


Up and up. I got to the top and Cool Breeze arrived about 10 minutes after. I thought he would have caught me up a lot sooner. I must be getting quicker! The clouds were gathering and I thought we were in for another storm. 

On the way up I passed a runner who had hiked the pct in 2013. He said I was the 15th hiker he had seen today! It’s kind of weird to think there are that many people out there because some days, like today, you go the whole day without seeing anyone else so you feel like you’re quite alone. 

We stopped and had lunch at the top. Hiked on a further 5 miles to a spring and loaded up on water. A lovely lady came along and shared her cherries with us. Really cold cherries. So nice of her. I had been there for 1.5 hours, an hour waiting for cool breeze!  


It was 4:30 and we still had 8 miles to go. We carried on. The walking wasn’t difficult, it was gentle up and down, but it was just long. And a bit boring. Just trees everywhere. For miles and miles. We climbed on a big rock and got a great view. 

We came to a camp area that looked very inviting. We were 1.2 miles off our goal. We can make that up tomorrow!!