We were up, with our wet stuff packed up and out of our campsite at 6:30 exactly. Both of us! This has to be a record. We had 11.5 miles to get to Burney Falls to pick up our package and get an ice cream. 

We had gone only 4 miles when we came across this awesome cache. We got a soda ate some twizzlers, charged our phones (and I finally had a decent internet connection so I was able to update the blog a bit) dried out stuff from last night, played some darts and signed the table. We found Growlers name – she is now 4 days ahead of us 🙁 


This is possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve come across yet – Budweiser with tomato juice…

We were there for a couple of unplanned hours, then we moved on to Burney falls. About a mile in we stopped to talk to a couple and the lady used to work for the PCTA so it was cool to talk to them. The walk was easy enough, pretty flat so we got there at a reasonable time, around 2pm. 

We went straight to the store to get our resupply packages. Mine wasn’t as dire as I was expecting and I only had to supplement it with a bag of Cheetos from the store. We were around normal clean people today and I really noticed how grimey and stinky we are. It’s only 4 days since we showered but it’s 11 days since we washed our clothes. I felt bad going in the store, people must be able to smell me. We got ice cream and soda and sat and people watched until we couldn’t put off hiking anymore. Cool Breeze went over to talk to a couple of cycle tourists…hmm, cycle turning, now there’s an idea…

We of course went to see the falls before we hiked out. There were pretty but there were too many people there. 

We went a further 5.5 miles, over a large dam and camped in a mosquito infested forest. Just went my bites were all clearing up! 


17 miles. Not too bad for a town day. 

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