We left camp at 6am. Shasta and all it’s treats were only a 3 mile walk away! We got to the Interstate on / off ramp at 7am and put on our cleanest and least smelly clothes and stuck out our thumbs. A few cars just drove by and we were planning to call someone who left a sign saying they would shuttle hikers for $20 plus $5 for each additional hiker. $25 seemed reasonable for a 15 mile journey to town. 


Just as we were about to make the call a car pulled up. Yes! A guy called APB got out and chatted to us, said he had been ferrying hikers around all week and unfortunately he was now on his way to LA so couldn’t give us a ride. He told us about an event where there will be a stash of free beer further up the trail and gave us his number in case he could help later on. How nice!! He also gave us paper and a pen so we could make a hitching sign. 

Just as we were finishing the sign a car came along and someone shouted ‘hey Cool Breeze’ out the window. It was a thru hiker being dropped back to the trail by his step mum and she was going back to Shasta so she took us with her. A ride without even trying! Love those. 

We were in Shasta by 8am. Perfect. 

We went over to the Besty Westy and booked a room. Too early to check in so we went for breakfast at the Black Bear Diner. My favourite Diner so far because you don’t have to order breakfast items at breakfast time. You can order lunch. So I did. Pulled pork burger and fries. Yum. 

We went to the supermarket (the most expensive one yet) and I put together some sort of a resupply consisting of foods I don’t quite hate yet. They love hot sauce here in Shasta! The lovely folks at the Besty let us check in early. 

We got some more chores done, post office, another supermarket and the outfitter. We saw lots of stinky hikers in town hanging out at the post office and the laundromat. Then it was time for Inside Out at the cinema. We had been talking about it for days! (It was brilliant).  We stuffed our faces with popcorn, chocolate and soda. 

We did more chores after. Cool Breeze was supposed to pick up new shoes, but they aren’t at the post office. He wasn’t happy about that! We got milkshakes for the long journey across the road to the hotel. 

We had hot tub time and did laundry. I got a comb through my hair for the first time in 25 days!!

Shasta is a great town. Expensive but really hiker friendly. Hippy as all hell. If you need a crystal or a spiritual healer, or a yoga retreat this is the place to come!

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