I slept so well last night. Two nights of very little sleep helped with that! The intention was to get up early but when the alarm went off at 5:30 there was a cold wind blowing through camp so we put off getting up until 6. Saw the sun rise behind Mt Shasta. We were walking by 6:30. 

We walked the 4 miles to water as we used up all our water at camp last night. We did some spoof #leanin15 videos (check out @thebodycoach on Instagram), we called ours #fatin15! We are planning to work on some better ones…

We carried on along the trail. The terrain was gently rolling so the walking was pleasant. It was starting to get really hot. We came across some volunteer pcta trail maintenance crew. We stopped to talk to some of them for about half an hour. All of them are retired and they are camped out here for two weeks doing trail maintenance every day. In this case they were moving the rocks off the trail and making it a little wider. We thanked them all for their hard work. I would love to come back one day and do some trail maintenance. 


We went down to the lake and had some lunch. There were a big group of young people there camping out for the weekend. One of them used “so like, totally.” As a complete sentence. So of course we so like totally adopted that way of like speaking, and like totally used those words in like every thing we said. To the point where I now keep using the word like unnecessarily and it’s really annoying me!

Another 6 miles in and we ran into Pasta. He must have passed us at some point during the day but we never noticed him. We were intending to do a 25 mile day but we decided to camp at 21 miles instead where there was a small creek which is what Pasta said his plan was too. We had 4 more miles to get there. I had to go in the forest to release the hostages and Cool Breeze mentioned that I have a habit of standing with my hand down my pants when I talk to people! Well I don’t even realise I’m doing it!!

I look SKINNY in this picture!!

We spent the whole day chatting about love, life, the universe, everything and stuff. It was a pretty good day. We got to the camp spot at 6 so we had plenty of time to eat and relax. My ankles were hurting from the rocky trail today and Cool Breeze has developed some pinky toe blisters. 

I lay in my tent staring up at the sky writing my blog away from the blood sucking nasties outside. There should be some good stars tonight…