I had a lovely lie in, in a super soft amazing comfortable bed. We went out into Bend to get some breakfast. I had a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of chilli. It hit the spot. I love places where you don’t have to get breakfast at breakfast time!
I decided I wanted to do my Washington resupply packages now instead of Cascade Locks because there is more choice here. Kristen drove us around – first to the post office to get boxes, then to Safeway to buy 22 days of food. 

I left there £160 dollars lighter and we went over to Haggens because they didn’t have the ramen I like (I use the word like loosely) in Safeway! We took a trip to Walmart to get some KT tape and we saw Legend coming out as we were going in!

With the shopping all complete it was back to Kristens house to sort it all and package it up. It was so much easier and more relaxing than doing it in the parking lot in front of the supermarket like I did in Ashland!! Kristen provided ziplocks and everything we needed, she then drove us to the UPS store and then to the post office then back home to finally relax a bit. I am so pleased I have got all that out the way and I never have to go and buy that much food at once again! 

I looked at my shiny new shoes…


We went to REI on the way to dinner to get fuel and I picked up this dried cheese! 

We went out for dinner to one of Bends many breweries and had a delicious meal. Kristen and Michael have been so wonderful, they offered more than I could have ever expected or hoped for. They have been true Angels! They hope to hike the PCT next year so I hope we have been able to give them some good advice. It’s their first hosting experience so I hope we haven’t put them off! 


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