I feel like I had a good nights rest last night. I got a good 8.5 hours sleep. 
The day started with a bit of a climb and it was super smokey. Difficult to breathe sometimes. I stopped 8 miles in to have some lunch and get some water from the lake. Warm lake water is some of my least favourite water! 


The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. Mostly forest with the occasional break in trees to view the smoke. I had seen one sobo all day. Eventually I caught up to Vince (section hiker) who was having a rest on a dirt road. Half an hour later I came across some trail magic which must have been put there really recently – a cooler full of beer, soda and ice! I had a lovely cold soda and chatted to Vince. We carried on the short distance to the water and filled up. Vince showed me the trick he had learnt to get the sawyer mini to filter faster…


Apart from the uphill this morning it was fairly flat and downhill most of the day. I got to the camp spot at 6:15pm! So early! 

I camped with Vince, Chewy, Lizard and Pie (who hiked the trail 40 years ago!). We all sat round the (unlit) campfire and shared stories. It’s so much nicer camping with other people! 

26 miles. An easy 26 miles. I could have quite easily pushed it harder today, not stopped so many times and gone quicker than I did and made 30 miles. But I didn’t want to! I was in my tent by 8pm. Time to read, time to relax, time to let my body heal. I’m finally on my own schedule. I do what I want when I want and it feels so good.