The sleep in a bed was so nice. And being the only girl in the room I got my own bed so I really took the opportunity and stretched out. I ate my leftover pizza for breakfast and went back to bed until 10am when I eventually had to start packing up my things, organising my food, throwing away my rubbish and stuff. 

While yesterday was clear today the clouds had rolled in and you could barely see Mt Rainier in the distance. 

The boys decided to stay in Packwood and I hitched back to White Pass. I was on the side of the road for about 2 minutes when a lady who had driven past, checked me out to see if I was a guy or a girl, saw I was a girl and turned back around to come and get me – she wouldn’t have picked me up if I was a guy. Linda gave me a ride back up to the store where I sat for 5 hours eating and drinking and updating the blog. The store lady called out for help unloading the delivery so I helped unload the van, I had been sat in there store for long enough after all. She gave me a free burrito from the deli for helping. Result! 

I saw a few hikers come in throughout the day – Ace, One Of Us, Super Classy, Pie, Lizard and a few section hikers. A lady who lives in Seattle gave me her contact details in case I need help in Seattle. So nice of her. 


I got my package of goodies from my friend Katie. In my eagerness I forgot to take a picture of the contents but it contained really good stuff. I shovelled a pack of smarties in my mouth straight away. 

The main topic of conversation between all hikers today was the fire situation in northern Washington. The information we hear changes on an hourly basis but as far as I can tell, as of today it is being recommended that we all finish our hikes at Stevens Pass, just 184 miles away from the Canadian border. The fires north of here are basically out of control. People are being evacuated out of their homes, some people no longer have homes and 3 firefighters have lost their lives trying to fight these fires. The fires are serious. Parts of the PCT are closed and although the trail isn’t actually burning it is still affected by the smoke which can be equally as dangerous. Volunteers and firefighters from around the world have come to help with the increasingly terrible situation but the fires are still burning. 

It is becoming a very possible reality that I will have to end my hike just short of the border. I won’t make it to the monument and I won’t make it to Canada. As gutting as it is to come this far and not be able to make it to the end, unfortunately it is out of my control. Nature is fighting back. But, a lot can change in a couple of weeks so all is not lost just yet. I just have to be prepared that I might not be seeing the monument this year. 

After sitting in the store at White Pass for around 6 hours I decided it was time to leave. Some of the others were heading into Packwood and I was so tempted to go with them. But I really had no need. I was clean, rested and I had eaten food – although no food satisfies anymore. Not even soda or chocolate. I’m even going off sugar, the main component of my current diet. I dream about going to Basuba Eathai in the UK for a meal of salt and pepper squid and Pad Thai, or for a delicious smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich from the Terrace…


I hiked out the .8 of a mile along the road back to the trailhead and managed 3 miles of trail. I camped in a nice spot by a lake. All by myself. For the third time. I’m pretty much invincible now. 

My pack is heavy. It always is when I resupply. My food bag is about half the size of my pack, it’s all those Percy Pigs from England! 


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