It was a terrible nights sleep last night. People were up really late talking and then someone snored like a train – one of the loudest sounds I’ve ever heard. I sensed the mice moving about. Ignore them. They’ll go away. The only plus side was it was warm and dry.

I heard rumours that there was a pit toilet at the back of the cabin, lovely, I can drop off the kids before I start hiking. Bad decision. Worst smelling pit toilet ever, and there was mouse poo everywhere. I should have just abandoned the kids in the forest.  

I was packed up and out by 7:30am. The air was noticeably clearer today, the smoke had blown away although it was still there in the distance. Even got a view of Mt Rainier…

We walked into a burn area and Courage and Cardboard were in the bushes picking huckleberries, I think courage was there for about two hours! We stopped to get water and on the way up the hill the loudest sound I’ve ever heard (louder than the snoring of last night) happened when two fighter jets flew very low directly overhead, those grey pointy ones that look like an arrowhead. We all had the instinct to duck for cover, protect ourselves and crouch low. It was quite frightening! Unbelievably loud. 


Near the top of the climb I stopped to have a spot of lunch with the boys. Lunch is never a pleasant affair in Washington. As soon as you stop you are surrounded by wasps. The second most annoying insect (number one is, of course, the mosquito). But unlike the mosquito you can’t get the satisfaction that comes with squashing them against your leg because a wasp will more than likely sting you in the process. So you just have to let them buzz around you and do the best you can to not lose your cool.  

Today was full of beautiful views and gorgeous colours. We could see a bit further today. 


Today was tough. Only 24 miles, but with 5000ft of up and 5000ft of down my legs are really feeling it. Luckily I’m not the only one and Courage and Cardboard are tired too. No one wanted to go any further than the old abandoned road we decided to camp on. We can see a fire burning in the distance, not sure which fire it is though (in the middle of the below photo is a plume of smoke, easily mistaken for a cloud, but it is smoke). 


Mad science passed through, having already done 32 miles he wanted to do 2 more, earning the Mad part of his name. Super Classy camped with us. I’m horizontal before the sun sets, just the way I like it, and I peek out of my tent and get a glimpse of the sunset. I fall asleep as soon as I put my head down.