I didn’t want to get out of bed. Ever. But I did eventually drag myself up at 9:30am. I got a good 10 hours sleep which was exactly what I needed. 

Glendee took me out for a delicious breakfast, in my haste to eat it all as fast as possible I didn’t get a picture but it was eggs florentine and I can tell you that it was perfect. 

We came back to the house and I did nothing but sit/lay all day and that’s exactly what I wanted to do. Caught up with my mum and dad and some friends and updated the blog. I watched the battle of the Hummingbird and the Wasp play out before me (the wasp won). 

I spent a lot of time looking at the state of the fires and looking at the weather forecast. There is rain predicted for the next 6 days, whether that will reach the trail or help the fires is yet to be seen. 

We went out for dinner when Doug got home, a lovely Mongolian stir fry, and topped off with a luxury ice cream. 

Glendee and Doug have been the perfect trail angels and I’m so grateful that they took me in to their home and helped me so much, they made sure I had everything I need, replaced my ziplocks and trash bags etc and even gave me some coveted mountain house meals so I can eat like a king on this next stretch! 

Tomorrow I get back on the trail. 

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