Campsite – Mt Shasta
17.7 miles
1664ft up. 5827ft down.

It was pretty windy last night and I couldn’t sleep. I was excited about going to town, nervous about hitching, wired from looking at my phone. I think I dropped off around 12:30am.

At 6am I pulled the plug on my air mattress. I got going. 17 or so miles until town and all the magical things it brings with it. My blister was hurting a lot and making me limp. Not good.

Mostly downhill today so it should be easy enough. I go fast, maintaining a 3mph pace but I feel like I am being slow. Unfortunately I have to make a stop to drop off the kids. I couldn’t wait for town.

I get cell service so I decide to call my parents while hiking as it will be too late to call with the time difference when I get to town. The time goes by quickly and so do the miles. I should have views of Castle crags today but they are still covered mostly with smoke.

The trail alternates between ridge and forest and I see quite a bit of bear poo in the forest (an observation, not a complaint) and I keep my eyes peeled for bears.

With only about 0.5 miles to go to the road I meet a group of day hikers who ask what I’m doing. ‘Hiking to Mexico’. They are amazed and ask a bunch more questions. I hike on and get to the interstate. I stand near the on ramp and try to hitch a ride. It’s hot and there is not much traffic. Two cars go by. No luck. Then a car pulls over. It’s the day hikers I had been chatting to. I tell them I’m trying to get to Shasta. They aren’t going there but they take me anyway. Result! They take me right to the door of the Best Western! People are so nice.

Catwater has added my name to her room and the lady on reception says she has been expecting me, Catwater told me I would know who you were. ‘Because I’m a stinky hiker?’ I asked. ‘No, because of your accent!’

I see Catwater and give her a big hug. Reunited! She let me crash in her room and we have a big catch up. Then we head to town. I buy new shoes, the same as hers so we are now shoe twins. I couldn’t carry on with mine poking me in the toe, so I now have Altra Lone Peak 3.0. Altras are a very popular shoe on the trail so we shall see how I get on with them! And then we get some food. A lovely chicken bacon and avocado sandwich and about 4 refills of dirty Mountain Dew.

I shower and do laundry – after only 3.5 days. Luxurious!

I do the arduous task of resupplying my food. I am so thirsty when I am in the supermarket I leave with a litre of chocolate milk and 2 smoothies, just for now.

We chill out and chat and soon it’s past hiker midnight and time for bed.


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