0 miles

We decided to take a zero today. This is our last proper town and we have the time. First thing was breakfast. I woke up with my stomach growling so we headed over to the Red Kettle where I had a delicious omelette which set me up for a hard day of doing nothing.

Back at the Inn I settled myself back in my bed and set about catching up on the blog. I sent a long complaint email to wordpress help centre last night so hopefully they will be able to sort out all my problems I have been having with the app. It has become an agonising experience. I found some trashy tv to put on in the background – Behind Bars. Love a bit of trashy tv.

By 1 I was starting to get hungry again so I went to the supermarket and bought a nutritious lunch of crisps, chocolate milk and an ice cream. I also did my resupply which was agony. I am being powered on crisps, cheese and Twix bars for the next section. The cashier obviously loved her work, she didn’t make any conversation or eye contact, she literally threw my stuff into a bag and, this is the part I find most rude, chucked my cash back into the bag with the receipt. This is more like British service, not the service I am getting used to in America! A quick trip to the pharmacy and in contrast I found out the cashiers life story, not that I asked for or wanted it!

Eventually I got back to the Inn and resumed my position, now with added snacks, and I spent the whole afternoon catching up with this blog. And lying down which was very important.

The time went by so quickly and by 6 we were hungry again so went for pizza which was the cheapest thing we could find out of a selection of pretty pricey restaurants. I’m glad we shared a pizza because it was super garlicky, so at least we both smell.


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