February 12th 2017
0 miles 
Total distance: 1073.5 miles

I was up at the sparrows fart to try and finish the blog, while eating left over pizza in bed. Then it was chore time. Laundry done. Then we put off doing our resupply until tomorrow. Chores complete.

I stepped outside in my brand new, very bright shoes and felt like they were glowing. We passed through a farmers market which had more fruit and vegetables than I had ever seen and all basically half the price of the supermarket. We met with Erin and went off to the Te Papa Museum. The museum is the number 1 tourist thing to do in Wellington, and it’s pretty cool. There is so much to see. It says there are 6 floors but really there are 4 floors with things to see. We gave ourselves 2 hours which really isn’t enough time to see everything, and I was feeling completely overwhelmed with the amount of information I was taking in, so it may be best to do multiple visits. Wellington is super windy, and according to the locals it wasn’t that windy today. I was underdressed, cold and carrying my sun glasses.

After some food, and a change of outfit to something warmer, we set about finding Julia a new pair of shoes. This isn’t an easy task in New Zealand, brands are limited and expensive, but she managed to find something eventually. The weather had done a 180 change so now I was way too hot and the sun was way too bright. We saw Marcus in the gear shops, he was buying a new pack and some other new things because his ‘bones’ hurt so he is trying to go as lightweight as possible. We wonder around a bit more before nipping to the supermarket to get some movie snacks. We see Marcus again in New World, he’s ditching his stove and muesli for breakfast and going on to bars, inspired by what I ate for breakfast which is very worrying to think people are being inspired by my food!

We go to see Jackie at the cinema, not one I recommend anyone else seeing. It’s very slow, and there is a lot of staring straight down the camera. I struggled to stay awake through it despite eating a salted caramel oreo brownie slice. It was as good as it sounds!

Back at the hostel we hung out with Sarah, Creya and Erin for the evening before heading to bed way too late.


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