Day: 0
Total: 136.6km / 84.9

It hammered down all night and was still raining in the morning. Simon and Anita had said I could stay for the day and wait out the storm. There was something really satisfying about hearing the rain and the wind lash against the windows and know I wasn’t going anywhere. 

Anita was working from home and not wanting to disturb her (that’s my excuse anyway!) I stayed in bed until 11:30am! It was a good opportunity for me to do some blog maintenance and some life admin. I had to fix my GoPro (yet another thing that has stopped working properly!). 

Anita took me out for lunch and to see the blow hole, which is Kiamas claim to fame. It was still raining heavily, and in the 2 minutes it took to run from the car, to the blowhole and back I was absolutely soaked. I thought for the 100th time that day how happy I was to not be out on the bike. I think I would have been blown off anyway. 

After a delicious smoked salmon sandwich we returned to the house and I went back to bed!! I carried on with the blog and admin until 6pm when Anita drove me to Simon’s work so I could have a free massage! I’ve been wanting a decent massage for months and I was super excited about this. Simon is training to be a remedial massage therapist, and he also supervises a class of trainees. He said it would be a bit of a roulette as to who I got and how good the massage was but I was prepared to take my chances. 

It turns out I struck gold and got a really good one. A really intense, almost painful, oily massage was exactly what I wanted. She could have worked on me for hours, day after day for a couple of weeks and still not had me straightened out, but we had 40 minutes and she did what she could. As expected, everything was super tight. She worked on my calves and hamstrings, my bum, lower back and finally my neck, which I had been dying for someone to get their hands on. I was so tense throughout as she honed in on all the really sore bits. I am always really impressed when they find those bits that really hurt without you telling them where they are. They say ooh that’s a tight bit, as your trying not to leap off the table. 

Are you a swimmer? She asked. This must be at least the 84th time I have been asked this. You have lovely broad shoulders, she says. Something I’ve heard so many times, something I never agree with – I hate having broad shoulders! 

I felt good after, but I do feel like I need working on a lot more. And I really need to start stretching. 


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663 million people across the globe are living without access to clean, safe water. That’s 1 in 10 people. A child dies every 90 seconds from a water related disease. One third of the worlds population – 2.4 billion people – don’t have access to adequate sanitation. 

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