In 2016 I set out from the Canadian border to attempt my second long distance thruhike of the Pacific Crest Trail, walking 2,650 miles south to the Mexican border.

In 2015 I hiked the PCT northbound, from Mexico to Canada. Find out what made me want to do it all over again. 


What is the Pacific Crest Trail?

  • Location: Washington, Oregon, California.
  • Southern Terminus: Campo, California
  • Northern Terminus: Washington/Canada border (you can’t walk into the USA from Canada).
  • Distance: 2660 miles, plus extra for side trips to get water, trips into towns and side adventures like climbing Mt Whitney!
  • Highest Point: Forrester Pass 13,153ft / 4,009m
  • Lowest point: Cascade Locks 140ft / 43m
  • Elevation: -483,735 / +482,741 that’s the equivilant of climbing Everest – from sea to summit and back down again – over 16 times!!

My hike: the facts.

  • Start: July 15th 2016
  • Finish: November 25th 2016
  • Total number of days: 134
  • Hiking days: 121
  • Zero days: 13
  • Nights with trail angels: 13
  • Nights in paid accommodation: 26
  • Nights in my tent: 95